Frequently asked questions

You have questions? We (probably) have answers. Find out all you need to know before even walking into our brewery in St. Charles, IL. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Contact us here.


I’m new to this whole brewery taproom thing…what did I just walk into?

First off, welcome! If you love beer and good vibes, you’re in the right place! Think of our taproom as your local watering hole with a twist. Grab a seat at the bar or a table, look over the tap list, and by all means, let us know if you have any questions.

At Riverlands, we take all orders at the bar. In other words, there is no table service. This allows us to keep our labor costs (and thus, in part, our beer prices) low and our speed of service high. Look for the big “ORDER HERE” sign on the left side of the bar.

Do you serve food?

We do NOT prepare and serve food at Riverlands Brewing. However, we offer a few pre-packaged snacks at the bar to munch on. If you’re hungrier, you can always bring your favorite food in with you, or order from any of our neighboring restaurants, Grub Hub, or order a pizza. We have a list of menus at the bar, or ask for a recommendation.

During special events, we’ll also be inviting food trucks to park outside and serve up their awesome dishes. Keep an eye on our events page for details.

do you brew your own beer, and what kinds of beer do you brew?

Yes! We are a brewery, after all. While our love for IPAs, stouts, and sours will always be apparent, we also pride ourselves in a wide assortment of both traditional and modern styles. Check out what’s on tap, as well as our full library of beers we plan to brew.

In addition, we like to support our fellow Illinois breweries, so we keep a couple of guest taps on rotation, and may even have local cider or cold brew coffee available at times. Ask about our non-alcoholic options for DDs or non-drinkers.

Do you sell beer to-go? can i bring a growler in to fill up?

We will almost always have a selection of our beers available for sale to-go. We’ll seal it up all fresh and clean for you in a crowler, a 32 ounce can, which is the best vessel on the market to take beer home in. No oxygen or UV light can get in, no CO2 can get out, it’s fully recyclable, and at 32 ounces, it’s perfect for sharing.

We will NOT fill any outside vessels, including but not limited to glass or stainless steel growlers/howlers. The reasons are many, but mainly because they are inferior vessels for keeping and serving our product. We have no way of knowing how well they have been cleaned and maintained before brought in. And, if someone were to open 64 ounces of our beer, drink a little, put the lid back on, and serve it the following day/week/month…our beer would suffer and not be served fresh as intended. And we work too hard on our beer to let that happen.

are you family friendly?

We believe that teaching children how to behave properly in public is important and welcome parents who agree. Therefore, yes, children are allowed in the taproom, but absolutely MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES and NOT be seated at the bar. This does NOT mean they can be watched from across the room. They must be seated with an adult or in a stroller at all times. We are a working production facility with a taproom full of adults, so there is simply no room for horseplay or running around. We’ll try to make it easier by having some kid-friendly games on hand to help occupy their time.

Failure to parent properly will result in being asked to leave for the safety of your child(ren) and others.

Are you dog friendly?

All of us here at Riverlands absolutely adore our four-legged friends. However, due to health codes, we cannot allow non-service dogs inside the taproom. Down the road, we hope to open an outdoor patio and will consider the possibility of leashed pets being allowed outside the taproom. Stay tuned!

Where should i park?

Riverlands Brewing is located in an industrial/commercial complex, and as such we share parking with our neighboring businesses. While we have several spots directly in front of our location, there may be times when you’ll need to find alternatives within the complex.

Please be aware of any reserved or marked parking spots and respect our neighboring businesses.

During busy times and events, additional parking will be most readily available near the 1920 Building, where the largest parking area in our complex is located. Please make sure you park legally in a marked spot, not on any grass areas, loading docks, or blocking anyone in.

do you have tons of screens to watch my favorite sport or show?

In a word, no. We’re a brewery, not a sports bar. BUT, we do have one LARGE screen dedicated to select local sporting events (our call) and programming (again, our call). We want your focus to be on our beer and the friendly conversation and people around you, not mindlessly staring at a television. We also enjoy supporting our local teams with our friends and patrons, so whenever possible, we’ll have those games on in the background.

Can I rent out your space for a private event?

The short answer is YES, LET’S DEFINITELY DISCUSS YOUR PRIVATE EVENT NEEDS! The long answer is that our availability to host your event and the pricing will depend on the date, day of week, time, how many people, and what exactly you’re looking for. Contact us today so we can find out more about your needs and hopefully work something out!