Acid Prism.jpg

Acid Prism Series

Fruited Kettle Sour

Our Acid Prism is a companion series to Acid Rainbow. We took the same base beer and fruit combinations, but unlike in Acid Rainbow, we allowed those fruit sugars to ferment. This means that we are able to package this delicious sour ale in cans and send them out to retail. Slightly lighter in body and a touch drier than its Rainbow counterpart, Acid Prism still has loads of fruit flavor and is a refreshing, juice like beer. In addition to the fruit, we also add vanilla and more Lactose than Acid Rainbow to the beer to make up for the fermented fruit sugars.

Hops: Saphir

Malt: Two Row, Flaked Oats, White Wheat, Carafoam

Yeast: House English Ale

Special Ingredients: Vanilla, Lactose, Rotating Fruit

ABV: 5.75%