Cottage Cellar


This Kellerbier is a lager fermented slightly warmer and not given the usual time to cold condition. Instead, this beer stays at cellar temperature during fermentation and its short time to condition. The result is a beer with typical lager yeast characteristics, but with a softer, fuller edge and increased fruity esters. Naturally hazy from the yeast still in suspension, this beer is unfined and unfiltered.

Saphir and Mandarina Bavaria hops provide a complex hop profile with a mix of spice, floral, and citrus. German Pilsner and Vienna malts form the base of the beer, with a bit of Carafoam for a smooth body and Honey Malt to add a bit of pleasant sweetness. Best enjoyed fresh! Cheers!

Malts: German Pilsner, Vienna, Honey Malt, Carafoam

Hops: German Magnum, Saphir, Mandarina Bavaria

Yeast:  German Lager

ABV: 5.5%