Scarecrows in Lederhosen


Riverlands' Oktoberfestbier is brewed more in the style of a German Festbier rather than the Marzen most Americans have come to associate with this type of beer. The difference? One look at our deep golden lager should tell you that you won't get any of that caramel over sweetness that is too prevalent in many American versions of the style.

Like the beer actually served at Oktoberfest in Munich, our Festbier has a deep and layered flavor and aroma, but remains easy drinking and clean. We added a bit more hop flavor and aroma than may be traditional, but the Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts are still the star of the show. These malts lend flavors and aroma of freshly baked bread and clean, cracker-like notes. Prost!

Hops: German Tettnang

Malt: German Pilsner, German Vienna, German Munich

Yeast: German Lager

ABV: 6%