Shaky Shaky.jpg

Shaky Shaky Series

Milkshake style india pale ale

Shaky Shaky is our series of milkshake IPAs inspired by one of our taproom employees, Alyssa. For the first entry into the series, Strawberry and Blueberry, Alyssa joined her husband, our Head Brewer Eric, in crafting and brewing this recipe. In this series, we take a New England IPA and give it the milkshake treatment with lactose, vanilla, and fruit additions. The base IPA will largely remain the same, but the fruit additions will change with different batches in this series.

Hops: CTZ, Mosaic

Malt: Pilsner, Flaked Oats, White Wheat, Carafoam

Yeast: House English Ale

Special Ingredients: Vanilla, Lactose, Rotating Fruit

ABV: 7.2%