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An Empanada Evening with Ayala's

You didn't think we'd take a break after our grand opening, did you? Join us this Friday for an evening of empanadas and beer featuring Ayala's Empanadas. They'll start serving around 5pm until they run out, so don't dilly-dally.

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Food Truck FAQ:

Q: Can I bring my small humans?
A: YES, we are family-friendly. But they must be supervised at all times.

Q: Can I bring by four-legged friends?
A: We wish you could, because we'd like to snuggle them. But sadly, no.

Q: We showed up at X:XXpm and the truck was gone! What gives?!
A: The truck will serve food until they run out or they decide to call it a night. That's their call as it's their business.

Q: Where the BLANK can I park?
A: Our commercial park is communal parking, so any spots that aren't marked otherwise are fair game. There's also a larger lot by the Tri-City Boxing Club. Please just be littering, parking on the grass, blocking driveways/loading docks.

Q: What's a food truck?
A: Just kidding, you know how to Google.