Just a Little Update...

We're very excited to be working with Serena Sturm Architects, specifically Marty and Aaron Serena. Today, we're meeting at the new place to see some exciting floor plans they've put together for our brewery and taproom.

Riverlands will have an awesome taproom for you guys to relax and enjoy a few beers in. We're planning for a good amount of tables and bar seating, so finding an open spot to savor your suds in shouldn't be too tough. The feel will be comfortable and relaxing, but we'll have some games to keep you guys busy too. For those of you looking to see where the magic happens, there will of course be a view into the brewery area where you're likely to see me, our brewer Eric, scurrying around and making the fresh beer you'll have in your hands.

On the brewery operations side of things, Quality Tank Solutions is providing us with an All American Made 10 Barrel Brewhouse. The brewhouse is the heart of any brewery because its where the beer is actually made before it goes into the tanks. Being able to put out 10 barrels at a time means we'll have a good amount of beer for you guys when we open, and we'll have a variety of styles.

We're still gunning on a fall opening of this year, but building a taproom, getting our equipment, and getting all our permits and licenses together will take time. That means a winter open isn't out of the question, but lets think optimistically!

In the meantime, please come check us out at the homebrew tent at the Tri-City Craft Brew Festival on June 9th so you can see what we're all about!

Cheers everyone, and thanks for following along so far!