Here's What We're Pouring at the Tri-City Craft Brew Fest!

Between last weekend and this weekend, we are brewing our beer for the Tri-City Craft Brew Festival. We'll be pouring three of our favorite beers at the fest that represent the things we do best. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do!

Pride of the Fox - Our 6% abv New England Style pale ale. This is our future house beer featuring Citra and Denali hops to pack a citrusy, mango, and pineapple hop punch. When you come into our taproom, there's a good chance this will be on tap.

Acid Rainbow: Buried in Berries - A 5.5% abv beer from our "sorbet style" kettle sour series. This beer is absolutely loaded with raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry. Expect there to still be pulp in your glass! We add vanilla to this beer to give you the feeling of drinking a delicious fruit smoothie.

First Catch of the Day - a huge 12% abv breakfast stout. Thick and chewy, this beer is a treat. We add coffee, maple, and vanilla to this one. You could pour this over pancakes!

Happy Friday,